Pearlfisher Garden

The Pearlfisher Garden has been designed to highlight the threat of plastic waste to the world’s largest garden – the underwater garden of our oceans. It aims to become a call to action for governments, designers, brands and businesses to create sustainable life cycles for all packaging and products of the future and for people to rethink the impact of their own consumption.

Pressfab were chosen to do all the metalwork and fabrication on the 2018 Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medal winning Pearlfisher Garden.

A 3D printed sculpture of a pearl diver, an icon of mankind’s symbiotic relationship with the ocean, sits at the centre of a circular suspended ocean and is made from recycled PLA plastic. This disc was held aloft by water filled cylinders each abundant in marine life to highlight the threat that plastic poses to the food chain.

A combination of specimen planting including cacti, succulents and exotics creatively juxtapose the beauty and possible desertification of the ocean and is accentuated against a backdrop of natural textures, materials and ageing effects that complete the underwater garden experience.

A secondary sculpture of Jason deCaires Taylor’s ‘Coral Man’ highlights the impact of coral bleaching whilst a boundary wall made from 500 reclaimed plastic bottles – representing the amount of plastic thrown into the ocean every 2.5 seconds – provides the contextual backdrop to the man-made threat that our ocean’s face.