In these Conditions:- “The Supplier” means The Company carrying out the order “The Order” means any contract formed between Pressfab Engineering and the Supplier. “The Goods” means the goods or services (or any part of them) which are to be supplied or work is to be undertaken by the Supplier pursuant to the Order.

1. General
a. Unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing by a director of Pressfab Engineering Ltd these Conditions are the only terms on which the Customer places any order with a supplier. These Conditions apply to all orders, whether or not these conditions were specifically referred to at the time of ordering, to the exclusion of all other terms and conditions including any contained in an acceptance of a quotation, a form of order or any other document issued by the Supplier. Delivery of the Goods or services to Pressfab Engineering Ltd or its customers or collection of the Goods by Pressfab Engineering Ltd (as the case may be) shall be deemed to be conclusive evidence of the Suppliers acceptance of these Conditions.
b. The Supplier and Pressfab Engineering Ltd acknowledge that the terms and conditions herein have been given due consideration and that they are considered fair and reasonable by both parties.

2. Confidentiality
All specifications, drawings, technical descriptions and details (hereinafter called “information”) submitted with the Pressfab Engineering Ltd order or supplied to the Supplier pursuant to the Order are supplied in confidence. The Supplier shall keep the information confidential and shall not (save as required by law or unless the same is already in the public domain other than as a result of the default of the Supplier) disclose the same to any third party without Pressfab Engineering Ltd prior written consent and shall use the same only for the purposes of the Order.

3. Protection of IP
The supplier shall respect all intellectual property and information supplied by Pressfab Engineering Ltd and not pass on, copy or used any of the information in pursuit of other contracts.

4. Payment Terms
Unless otherwise agreed in writing, payment sums due under the Contract shall be made in pounds sterling (or such other currency as the Company shall specify) within 60 days following the date of notification to the Customer that the work has been completed or (if the price includes transport) of delivery of the Goods following delivery to the Customer.

5. Prevention of counterfeit parts
Suppliers/external providers will only supply Pressfab Engineering with genuine parts and materials obtained from original or authorized manufacturers, authorized distributors, or other approved sources. The traceability of parts and components to their original or authorized manufacturers shall be maintained.

6. Provision of Test Specimines
The supplier shall provide as required by the purchase order any test specimens for design approval, inspection verification, investigation, or auditing.

7. Notification of Changes and Non-conforming Product
The supplier must notify Pressfab Engineering Ltd in writing of any proposed changes to the product and/or process definition (including changes of their external providers), facility location and, where required, obtain Pressfab Engineering Ltd / customer approval.

The supplier must also notify Pressfab Engineering Ltd in writing of any processes, products, or services prior to shipment and receive authority on the disposition / release of parts to Pressfab Engineering Ltd.

The supplier must also notify Pressfab Engineering of any controlled substances under the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) directive and where applicable the Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances (RoHS) in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

8. Communication of information and conditions
The Supplier must flow down to any sub-tier suppliers or other external providers the applicable requirements contained in Pressfab Engineering Ltd purchasing documents, including key characteristics and relevant terms and conditions of supplier where required.

9. Customer Nominated Sources
The Supplier must use all customer designated or approved external providers, including process sources, nominated sub-tier suppliers of processes and materials identified by the customer.

10. Management Systems
Unless otherwise agreed the supplier shall have in place a third party certified management system that meets the requirements of AS 9100 / ISO 9001 for all aerospace materials and products.

11. Right of Access
Pressfab Engineering Ltd its customers and relevant regulatory authorities reserve the right of access to the supplier and their supplier’s facilities and all applicable records involved in the fulfilment of any purchase order.

12. Record Retention
The supplier shall maintain all associated records and documented information related to the materials, goods or services supplied and shall not destroy any associated records or information without permission from Pressfab Engineering Ltd.

13. Ethical Behaviour
Pressfab Engineering Ltd operate using ethical business practices and all suppliers/external providers are requested to comply with the following ethical principles:
• Avoid the intent and appearance of unethical or compromising practices in relationships, actions and communications.
• Refrain from offering money, gifts other than nominal value, excessive hospitality, loans or other special treatment that might influence or appear to influence purchasing decisions
• Refrain from reciprocal arrangements that restrain competition
• Comply with all relevant legislation
Suppliers/external providers that compromise these principles or demonstrate unethical behaviour will be removed from our suppliers list.

14. Product Safety
The supplier shall adhere to all drawing and purchase order requirements and be aware that the way the product or service purchased is made/delivered may contribute to product safety.

15. Applicable Law
The Order and these Conditions shall in all respects be construed in accordance with and be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.



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