Previous Work

Listed below are a few of the projects we have undertaken recently.


A range of tools and fittings for the aviation industry, including:
  • Specialised aircraft tooling
  • Support bracketry for seat fittings and tables
  • Low volume hand make bespoke sinks
  • Stainless steal arm caps
  • Helicopter tooling


Specialist defence industry work, including:
  • Tank turrets
  • Tubular rucsac frames
  • Missile equipment units and holders
  • Field boxes for electronic equipment
  • Bomb squad generator units


Numerous technically challenging projects, including:
  • Bonnet vents for the Aston Martin 177
  • Low volume press parts for most major manufacturers
  • Plastic printing and rapid prototyping
  • Interior and exterior electric car charger posts
  • Low volume soft tooling

Leisure & Interiors

A wide range of bespoke work for gyms, houses and offices, including:
  • Library Gym, London – bespoke multi-gym
  • Designer architectural staircase
  • Stainless steel mezzanine floors
  • Crystal light chandeliers